West Side Recreation & District

Tree & Bench Memorials

Would you like to?

  • Recognize a person or organization.
  • Commemorate a special occasion.
  • Honor the memory of a friend or relative.
  • Help beautify our city parks while at the same time improving our environment.
  • Show good stewardship in your community.

If so, please explore the following options.



Memorial Tree


  • Raywood: Of all the different ash species in the ornamental trade, the cultivar 'Raywood" is known for its exceptionally striking wine red fall foliage. Often referred to as 'Claret Ash'.
  • Southern Live Oak : Evergreen oak tree native to the southeastern United States. Through many other species are loosely called live oak, the southern live oak is particularly iconic of the old South.
  • Norwegian Sunset: The glossy sharply lobbed foliage is this tree's real feature. The slightly purple new growth turns a rich dark green in the summer, before blazing vibrant oranges and reds in the autumn show the full beauty of the tree.
  • Camphor: A large evergreen tree with leaves of glossy, waxy appearance and smell of camphor when crushed. In spring it produces bright green foliage with masses of white flowers.
  • Emarald Flair: A tall with slender trunk and crown, the leathery, lustrous green single-toothed leaves are small, and often retained as late as December or January. The apetalous wind pollinated perfect flowers are produced in early autumn.

BenchesMemorial Bench Example


4' Bench

  • 22 max characters & spaces per board.

6' Bench

  • 32 max characters & spaces per board.

Cost includes the tree or bench, installation, name on plaque located in the New Recreation Center and continued maintenance of the tree or bench. Tree and bench dedication recipients will recieve a certificate making them aware of the dedication. There will also be an online map of the tree or bench location once it has been planted or installed.

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