West Side Recreation & District

STOP Scholarship Program


Working with schools, churches and other organizations on the Westside, we want to target disadvantaged and disabled youth who are in need of financial assistance in order to participate in District programs.  The STOP (Strive to Optimize Participation) Scholarship Program enables youth who normally cannot participate in programs, a chance.  A chance to be part of an outstanding organization.  The West Side Recreation & Park District thrives on education, fosters human development, increases cultural unity and, with financial contributions from local companies such as Chevron and Synagro, and other businesses alike, are helping children become productive members of society and leaders of tomorrow - no matter what their circumstances.

Eligible Programs

Athletic programs, classes, and some youth activities and special events.  For a list of activities currently being offered, please refer to our webpages for sports, youth activities,special events, tournaments, or classes.  Available programs are subject to change without notice and enrollment may be limited due to class sizes.

Participant Eligibility

Working with schools and other groups, we are looking for a child that is a good student/citizen and comes from a low income family (i.e. free and reduced lunch program, S.S.I.).  Middle income families with multiple children and/or single parent incomes may also qualify for assistance.

Applicant Process

A completed Youth Scholarship Application must be turned in to the West Side Recreation & Park District office prior to the program's registration deadline.  Requests turned in to the district office after a deadline has passed will be considered at a later date. 

Click here for the STOP Scholarship Application


Participants Late Payment Policy

We are happy to have you and your family as participants in one or more of the District's programs.  In order to operate more efficiently, and make the registration process easier,the District follows a late payment policy.

Monthly Classes

Fees are due by the first class of each month.  
If paid after the first class, a $5 late fee will be assessed.  In addition, students may not attend class until fees are paid and their spot in class is not guaranteed.

Session Classes

Fees are due prior to the first date of the class session or specified registration deadline.  
Registration after the first class meeting is not guaranteed. If space is available, a $5 late fee will be assessed.

Sports Programs

Fees are due by specified program registration deadlines.  
Registration after deadlines is not guaranteed.  If space is available, a $5 late fee will be assessed.

Youth Activities

Fees are due by specified program registration deadlines. 
Registration after deadlines is not guaranteed.  If space is available, a late fee may be assessed.


Important Information for Scholarship Recipients:

For ongoing monthly classes, once you are approved for a STOP scholarship, you are responsible for coming to the District Office no later than the first class of each month to pay your portion of the fees.  After the first class of the month, STOP funds will be temporarily forteited and you will be responsible for the full class fees that month.  As per policy above, a $5 late fee will also apply.

Thank you for your support of District programs and activities.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the late policy, please contact the District office as soon as possible at 763-4246 or info@wsrpd.com