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West Side Lanes Bowling Alley

Recreation Center
500 Cascade Place, Bldg D, Taft


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Bowling Rules & Etiquette

  1.  Wait for the bowler to your right or left to deliver their ball if you're bowling at the same time.
  2.  All releases must be below the line of the hip.  Do not throw the ball overhand.
  3.  Remain behind your fellow bowler while he/she is bowling.
  4.  Confine your bowling to your own lane.
  5.  Observe the foul line, even in casual play.  Play fair.
  6.  Never bowl in street shoes.  Shirt and proper bowling shoes are required.
  7.  Avoid using someone else's ball without permission.
  8.  The use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or profanity is strictly prohibited.
  9.  Be ready when it's your turn.
  10.  Children 14 years or younger must have adult supervision while bowling.
  11.  Food and drink are to stay in the spectator area only, not on the bowling lanes.